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About Us

Welcome Queens,

  I would like to share my journey with you. A little insight on how this all began.

  When I was younger I had a passion for hair. I wasn’t even able to do anyone’s hair. “Lol” I was only in the 7th grade, just 12 years old.

     My cousin’s had a manikin with braided hair. Eventually I learned to start the braids. I just kept braiding a little at a time until I got it. Then the exploring began. Doing my own hair in sleek ponytails, quick weaves & more was so easy for me.

     Y’all but the first time installing  braiding hair, I told a older woman I could braid her grandbaby hair(LbVs). It was a mess but she liked it.

  So every week I started going to the dollar store getting hair, to do my sisters hair. (Yes the dollar store, Lol) Listen I was the bomb Honey. Slowly started getting Clients.

   One summer break with my Dad. My Stepmother & I spent a lot of time at her friend’s salon. I would ask her friend so many questions about hair styles. So one day she taught me how to do a sewin after that it was up.

    I went back home & had plenty more clients. I was only 16 years old really making money doing hair. 

  I had plenty of people that was willing to teach me new techniques. But three older cousins let me linger around them to learn a lot. I didn’t say much just watched, & they never pushed me out the way. I’m greatful cause this is forever a big part of me.

I will forever be a student to doing hair, & I will always be a student to selling hair. For that is the reason, I will always be great at it.

Now I own a hair store. I love that you all are coming along my journey. Just stay tuned cause I’m just getting started.

 Enjoy your beautiful 100% Virgin Human Hair, & merch. Make your crown fit you baby.

Crown yourself.